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Dirk Louwers

Dirk works as a full stack consultant for Xebia and has been coding in Scala since 2007. He loves developing non-blocking highly scalable software solutions.

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Today I have been experimenting with setting up a nice project structure for web applications using Spray and ScalaJS. First I considered the simplest option of combining them in a single SBT project but this seems to be a bad idea. ScalaJS generates class files and a jar. Mixing this with Scala backend code would result in a bloated jar full of unused code.

So the next step is using two sub projects inside of SBT. One for the frontend and one for the backend. However, in itself this is not enough. I would like my html to reside in the frontend resources. The Javascript will be generated in this project by fullOptJS and fastOptJS and end up in the project’s target directory. I’d like the generated Javascript and mapping files to be available in resources. The backend project should have these resources available but NOT the classes.

Next up I will be trying to see if this can be accomplished or if there is a better way to go about this.